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- Solar power -

Solar power can be widely used in industrial scale applications and farming. Large factories are often challenged with the rising electricity cost and reliability issues of the electricity network.

Total Solar Energy Solutions

For Your Industry

Nyanza Energy can help industries to design factory specific designs for a solar power with energy storage system to outplay the existing electricity cost and to become energy independent.

The modern technologies are easing out the design and implementation of mini grid systems which would self sustain its energy demand. Nyanza Energy will help you to keep up with the latest technologies and drag you to the future of energy space. Having experience of installing rooftop solar systems (net metering systems and mini grid systems) over 25 MW, the team from Nyanza Energy will help you to realise your dream of forgetting the electricity bill.
If the factory is allowed to generate electricity through rooftop solar power system and feed into the electricity network, a rooftop solar power system without energy storage will be designed and implemented.

Nyanza Energy Will Take Care oF

Your Design

Energy auditing - measuring the quantity and the pattern of energy demand of the facility

Designing a rooftop solar power system to harness optimum energy from the available roof area

Designing an optimum energy storage system to couple with solar power system.

Detail financial analysis of the investment.
Nyanza Energy will address the requirements of the client on the financial returns expected from the investment and provide the most suitable techno commercial product.

Supply, installation and commissioning of solar power systems and battery energy storage.

Daily performance monitoring during operation and provide operation and maintenance services.

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Sourcing energy required for farming has never been easy in large scale farms mostly located off from the main cities. Electricity network has barely reached these farms, even if they do its reliability has been a huge challenge to the farmers. Nyanza Energy can use the solar technology to support the electricity supply of your farm. We will assess your energy requirement and set up the most suited technology to help you to generate your own energy within the farm. This will help you to light up your farm during night, electrify your farmhouse, automate watering systems, mortorise water supply, etc.

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